Sunday, 27 February 2011

Best of 2010 Part 4 - Showing Mungrisdale Common a bit of love

One of my last walks before starting my new job was a late Autumns walk in the Northern Fells. I had intended to hike up Bowscale Fell and Bannerdale Crags. It was such a perfect day - there was a slight chill in the air but stepping up the pace a little meant that it wasn't cold. There was absolutely no-one around - the whole day I saw two ladies with a dog, and one lone fell runner.

Bowscale Fell summit

Having made the summit of Bowscale Fell in good time, I decided to push on and have a wander over Mungrisdale Common. Seeing as this fell gets more or less universally slated by all and sundry, including Alfred Wainwright describing its "natural attractions are of a type that appeals only to sheep" I decided if I was on a mission to tick off Wainwrights here was an opportunity to get Mungrisedale out of the way without dragging anyone else up this sorry fell.

Mungrisdale Common

Well having made the admittedly rather dull walk to the "summit" (again admittedly rather dull), I stopped for a breather, and decided I have a soft spot for this little unloved patch of Lakeland. It has a great view of the back of Blencathra, views of the Skiddaw Fells, and a view of the "back o' both" which are similarly often overlooked.

I stood on the upturned bowl that is Mungrisedale Common, and it was my friend for the day.
I had plenty of work cut out for myself afterwards - the only sensible way back to the car was to go via Blencathra and Bannerdale Crags, with more than doubled my planned route. Blame Mungrisedale for tempting me away! The route up from Mungrisedale Common to Blencathra was easy work, especially as I was protected from the howling wind that day - no wonder I saw no-one risking Sharp Edge in those conditions.

the white cross on Blencathra
Once I came around Foule Crag all of a sudden the wind was in my face and it was hard going - I even took my glasses off for fear they would get blown off! The summit of Blencathra was deserted which must have been a rarity. I did spot someone in the distance but that was it. Unfortunately the conditions meant you could not really enjoy the quiet.

Blencathra summit looking along Gategill Fell towards Derwentwater

So a few minutes later I was headed back down towards Bannerdale Crags. I wasn't until I was well off the tops that the winds died down and I settled down for a quick bite to eat and a view back up at Bannerdale Crags and Blencathra.

Blencathra from Bannerdale Crags

From there it was a very pleasant walk back down past Souther Fell back to the quiet village of Mungrisdale. A perfect day out!

arriving back at Mungrisdale village

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