Friday, 4 March 2011

Five Walks To Look Forward To

With the worst of the Winter weather hopefully behind us, here are five of the walks I aim to do over the coming months - feel free to join me....

Nine Standards Rigg
I pass this fell with each journey across the A66 and there is something about it that draws your attention. The pictures of the "nine standards" on the summit of the fell look stunning so this is one I want to do as soon as posible - possibly following Wainwright's footsteps with a visit to the chippy in Kirkby Stephen....

Yorkshire Three Peaks 
I loved doing this last year but it would be nice to do it without having spent a week in the Lakes beforehand. I bet it's a doddle with a fresh pair of legs, it is only 26 miles after all... I an tempted to start with Ingleborough to get those nasty steps out of the way first, although I think whichever way you tackle it, the last five miles will seem like twice the distance. Hopefully my brother-in-law Ian will be joining me on this one - his reward for giving up smoking!

Helvellyn via Striding Edge 
It's the one that I get asked about every other time I stop to talk to someone about Lake District walks. "What, you've never done Helvellyn?" is the standard question - seems like I'm not even a novice let alone a beginner until I have tackled this one! i think it's one to do outside the regular Summer hols, unless I want to feel like I'm part of a guided tour...

High Cup Nick
Another one visible from the A66, this looks stunning in picture, so it's a must really. Of course being up on High Cup Nick may well mean a walk to Dufton Fell and pushing onto the big bad boy that is Cross Fell. Having said that I just read about a great walk from Cow Green reservoir to High Cup Nick so that would be a great reason to revisit Cow Green and Cauldron Snout, hmm decisions decisions!

Lyke Wake Walk
Until I do this one Claire will always have one up on me! I am planning this one for early Summer together with Claire's colleagues and anyone else who cares to join. having done it the once they want to do it in reverse this time. I don't mind, it's all a challenge to me.

the vast landscapes around the Yorkshire Three Peaks walk

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