My Wainwrights - Book One: The Eastern Fells

Book One - The Eastern Fells

the guide visits Great Dodd

These are nice and central, allowing for access from all sides. There are plenty of opportunity for straight routes rather than circulars as I tend to do in the Southern Fells for example. I like the idea of starting more walks in Patterdale or Glenridding and crossing the fells westwards and ending up somewhere on the route of the 505 bus to get us back to Ambleside, Keswick, or wherever we are headed.

Fell Walked How Often When
Arnison CragYesonceSept 2009
BirksYesonceSept 2009
Birkhouse MoorNo--
Clough HeadNo--
Dollywaggon PikeNo--
Dove CragYestwiceJune 2010
April 2014
FairfieldYestwiceJune 2010
April 2014
Glenridding DoddNo--
Gowbarrow FellNo--
Great DoddYesonceMarch 2011
Great Mell FellYesonceOctober 2012
Great RiggYesonceApril 2014
Hart CragYestwiceJune 2010
April 2014
Hart SideNo--
Hartsop Above HowNo--
Heron PikeYesonceApril 2014
High Hartsop DoddNo--
High PikeYestwiceJune 2010
April 2014
Little Hart CragNo--
Little Mell FellYesonceApril 2014
Low PikeYestwiceJune 2010
April 2014
Middle DoddNo--
Nab ScarYesonceApril 2014
Nethermost PikeNo--
Red ScreesNo--
St Sunday CragYesonceSept 2009
Seat SandalNo--
Sheffield PikeNo--
Stone ArthurNo--
Stybarrow DoddNo--
Watsons DoddYesonceMarch 2011
White SideNo--