Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Walking - taking control

One of the things I love about walking - it's about taking back control of your life.

With society and entertainment being more and more regulated, hemmed in and organised, walking is a fantastic way of taking back a little space for yourself. No-one tells you where to go and how you do it is left up to you. Not to mention that it's free! Not many other activities or sports can offer the same. It brings all participants down to the same level and provides a common platform for people of all backgrounds to stop and say hello.

Some of the best walks I have done have come from meeting someone on a fell and getting a recommendation concerning the route ahead - warning of boggy sections, advising of a view worth taking it - all from strangers who had no vested interest in sharing knowledge. In how many other arenas does this take place I wonder?

The Lake District seems to have an effect of people, and being out on the Fells appears to bring out the better side of human nature. Long may this continue.

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