Sunday, 20 February 2011

My Wainwrights Pages

Finally I am happy to tell you that the My Wainwrights pages have been completed and uploaded here for you to check out. I have created a page for each of AW's pictorial guides so you can follow my progress (or lack of at times) as I walk my way through the list. As you can see I am still definitely a beginner, but the good news is there is a huge range of source material for future posts and pictures.

The more observant among you will notice I am using Chris Jesty's revised editions. I appreciate and admire the original works but seeing as my sense of direction can do awry at the best of times, I didn't fancy the added challenge of using the Wainwright original out on the fells. I think Chris has done a great job with his work, making the new guides as useful today as when AW created the originals. He has his own style which comes through here and there but I think this is a more legitimate path to take rather than trying copying the original.s

There is still some work to be done with the pages, I will be adding links from the fell names to relevant posts as and when I conquer them, as well as posting more links to walks I have already done. Please click on the linked pages in the top right corner to see more!

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