My Wainwrights - Book Six: The North Western Fells

Book Six - The North Western Fells

the guide on the summit of Wandope

As with many Lakeland visitors, I conquered my first fell here: Catbells. Although a little fell making the summit gave a real sense of achievement and looking around seeing all the higher fells it made me realise that this was the start of a long journey.

Fell Walked How Often When
Ard CragsYesonceMay 2015
BarfYesonceMarch 2011
BarrowNoonceFeb 2013
Broom FellYesonceMarch 2011
Castle CragYesonceJuly 2009
CatbellsYesthree timesAugust 2008
July 2009
August 2011
Causey PikeYestwiceJune 2010
Feb 2013
Dale HeadYesonceJune 2013
Eel CragNo--
GraystonesYesonceMarch 2011
Grisedale PikeNo--
High SpyYestwiceJuly 2009
June 2013
HindscarthYesonceJune 2013
Hopegill HeadNo--
Knott RiggYesonceMay 2015
Ling FellNo--
Lord's SeatYesonceMarch 2011
Maiden MoorYesthree timesJuly 2009
August 2011
June 2013
OutersideYesonceFeb 2013
Rannerdale KnottsNo--
SailYesonceJune 2010
Sale FellYesonceJan 2015
Scar CragsYestwiceJune 2010
Feb 2013
WandopeYesonceJune 2010
WhinlatterYesonceAug 2014
Whiteless PikeYesonceJune 2010