Friday, 22 April 2011

Thanks For Reading!

I was very happy to notice that my number of readers passed a significant milestone this week! It is great to see that my walks and pictures have found an audience and I hope to keep up posting material of interest to you. I am sure that I am preaching to the converted but hopefully this site has inspired even the most experienced of you to revisit a walk from the past or have shown a favourite of yours from a different angle.

I'd like to share with you some links to sites that have helped me appreciate some of these fine walks and have all been an inspiration. There are tons more websites out there with great pictures and features on the Lakes and walking in general, but here are a few personal favourites. My Easter present to you all!

The Wainwright Society
The official Wainwright Society website. Features tons of information on all things Wainwright - the Lake District fells, Coast To Coast walk and an interactive forum with plenty of cool walking links.

My Wainwrights
This is a fantastic site that has some of the best pictures of the Lake District you are likely to see. There are so many walks and pictures on here, you could spend all day exploring.

The Teesdale Gallery
This website is run by Andy Beck who,you guessed it, runs the Teesdale Gallery! As well as information on the Gallery in Barnard Castle, Andy has an interesting take on Wainwright's original illustrations, as he turns them into original watercolour paintings, as you can see here.

Striding Edge
This is a photo diary by Sean McMahon with links to hundreds of walks and pictures to accompany. I like the layout and interactivity of the site, and have used Sean's routes on many occasions when deciding which route to follow myself.

Wainwright Wanderings
This is a site run by Dave & Edith Brown and is a really good photo diary of the walks they have done predominantly in the Lake District.

The Walking Englishman
A fantastic resource to walks all over the UK, including maps, route and pictures. Mike Brockhurst has put a huge amount of work into this site and I really appreciate it.

Coast To Coast
This is a website provided by a service to support you on long-distance walks for example carrying your bags from one stop to the next. I have never used them so I cannot endorse their services, but the website has some great information about stages on the Coast To Coast walk as well as other Long Distance Paths.

This is an iteractive map which has all the Wainwright Fells flagged. Once you have registered you can keep a record of the fells and routes you have walked, it's a pretty nice tool in my opinion.

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