Sunday, 17 April 2011

Richmond Station Ales

Finally I got round to stopping off at the Richmond Brewing Company. Having worked in Richmond for months now, it's unforgiveable that I have only just visited the brewery.

River Swale at Richmond

This microbrewery is located in the Richmond Station building, which is a fantastic location perched above the Swale that is home to some local businesses including a cheesemaker, baker and other artisan foodmakers as well as cafe, restaurant, gallery and cinema. In short, it is a building that is well worth visiting with small businesses worth supporting, not to mention the cool walks you can make from here, either to Easby Abbey or along the banks of the Swale along the Coast To Coast route.

Easby Abbey

I picked up a couple of bottles of Richmond Station Ale and Stump Cross Ale, and they come highly recommended.

The Station Ale is a light ale that is easy to drink, whereas Stump Cross Ale is a lot richer with a real depth of taste. I'm looking forward to trying the Swale and Richmond Pale Ale next time. Go local!

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