Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Swaledale After Work

Wild flowers of Swaledale

Seeing as the Yorkshire Dales National Park is literally on the doorstep of my office it was high time for some exploration of some of the countryside locally. The local section of Wainwright's Coast To Coast walk passes from Reeth through Marske and then on to Richmond, through some great countryside through fields before passing Applegarth Scars. I headed out after work for an hour or so, from Marske to the Applegarth.

Applegarth from the road leaving Marske

The drive over to Marske was cool enough as it is, a tiny road that cuts through the fields and hills over the top of Applegarth Scar before descending into Marske.A lovely little village and Spring is probably the best time to see it with the meadows and fields full of new life.

I headed up for half a mile or so out of the village before following the Coast-To-Coast way.  I then left the road out onto the fields with the cliffs of Applegarth and Whitcliffe ahead of me, and the cliffs below Downholme Park on the other side of the Swale to the east.

It was a lovely walk across the fields and the sheep and lambs weren't too scared. I saw a couple of figures in the distance near the cairn which I soon reached.I followed the well made path for a short while until I reached the corner under Whitcliff Scar, before retracing my steps back to Marske and the car. What a great place to have on the doorstep.

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