Friday, 30 November 2012

The Hundredth Post

I was just doing a little bit of tidying up in the admin section here when I noticed that I now have 99 live posts on the blog, so I thought I'd use post number 100 to say a big thank you to all of you that keep coming back to visit.

The Lakes

My readership is going up and up and it is a huge encouragement to keep going. Of course it's not just about numbers but the main thing is quality and I hope that your return visits means that you are enjoying the walks, thoughts and opinions I write on here not to mention the photos of our fantastic countryside.

The Dales

I live in a great part of the world, being in close proximity to the North York Moors, the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District - not much chance of getting bored around here!

North York Moors

So once again, here's to you, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the next 100, cheers!

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