Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ospreys in the Lake District

As I wrote last week, a recent trip up the Northern Fells wasn't without its mishaps. But clouds and silver linings and all that - one of the side effects of us not going up Ullock Pike was that we ended up on the wooded slopes of Dodd.

one of the paths in the wood

Not only that but we had the rarest of things too, some spare moments in the Lake District! So we decided to follow our noses or if you prefer the many signposts, and headed up to the Osprey viewing platforms that are perched on the side of the fell.

model of an Osprey nest

The Osprey in case you didn't know (don't worry - I didn't) is also known as Sea Hawk or Fish Eagle among other names - so you know that means this is one big mean bird! Ospreys have been returning to Bassenthwait Lake in the Lake District since 2001 and chicks have also been successfully reared there too.

the lower viewing platform

We were lucky to be there just one day after a chick had hatched, and we were able to get great views of the adult birds through the telescopes manned and provided by the Lake District Osprey Project.

looking across Bassenthwaite Lake

The birds were amazing to watch and we felt lucky to have been there on that day! Seeing as my camera does not have a mega telescopic lens you'll have to take my word for it that these are magnificent creatures - although you could always nip over to Dodd and have a look for yourself!

looking back at the summit of Dodd

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  1. This bird sounds interesting.The nest looks huge!That is the biggest nest I've ever seen!Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, it is well worth a look up there in late Spring!