Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wensleydale Ales

As well as home of the famous cheese, Wensleydale is also home to plenty of real ale. I recently picked up a nice selection of beers from the Wensleydale Brewery and they certainly went down a treat.

The beers each have their unique attributes, but one thing that brings them all together is - to put it simply - they are very drinkable! I found them all to be fairly simple and light on the palate, and tasty served both chilled and out of the cupboard. With modern beers upping the alcohol percentage to compete with the lagers and ciders, Wensleydale simply go for taste, the strongest of these was the Semer Water at 4.1%. What you do get is a really nice beer, with the bitters tasting just how they should. I enjoyed the Rowley Mild too, which could definitely be a choice for a Winter drink. If I was to pick a favourite, I would probably go for the Semer Water - I'm a sucker for the name! Despite being a Summer Ale, I was happy to drink it mid-December.

With a trip to Leyburn planned soon I'll stock up on more of these and I think I'll be paying the brewery a visit for a more detailed insight into the life of a Dales brewery so keep an eye out for that. Cheers!

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