Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hadrian's Wall - Birdoswald

Having stayed the night in Carlisle, a group trip to visit Hadrian's Wall was deemed a good idea. This was the last weekend in October and despite the terrible weather that I had the day before on my walk up Binsey in the Lake District, it was sunny and about as warm as you could hope for at the time of year.

Together with the rest of my band, we followed the rather vague roadsigns out of Carlisle and eventually they took us to the section of the wall close to the fort of Birdoswald. This was one of the 16 forts along the length of Hadrian's Wall and in Roman times was known as Banna.

The usual issue of time constraints reared it's ugly head once more, so we just had time for a brief walking around the site rather than properly that visiting the fort.

The wall itself is such an impressive structure and is a unique part of the wall, where the stone wall runs on a different line to the original turf wall. This was a great little stop in a fantastic part of the world.

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