Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dawn over the Lake District

On a recent Lake District trip I was treated to some great lights and sights as I got up just as the sun was emerging from it's slumber. I wasn't fully wide awake but I managed to grab my camera and take some pictures of the sun as it came up.

still dark over Swinside

It was still very dark as I walked around the ouside of the camping barn but slowly the surrounding hills and peaks took shape and I was able to make them out as the North Western Fells slowly woke up.

and it starts getting lighter
Daylight was creeping over the horizon andshafts of light gave some great colours in the sky

sun pushing through the cloud at Skelgill farm

The sun was doing a good job of burning off cloud and it created spectacular reflections on the fells facing the camping barn, in particular the heather giving some great colour to the slopes of Causey Pike and Barrow


Causey Pike

Stoneycroft Gill separating Causey Pike (left) and Barrow (right)

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