Thursday, 4 August 2011

More Local Ales

The beauty of Ales is that they are always in season. Nothing beats a Winter Ale to warm you up on those dark cold nights, and likewise there is something infinitely refreshing about a nice Ale in a pub garden on a sunny Summer evening.

Moot Hall, Keswick, from outside the Dog & Gun
On a recent break to Keswick I got to try some great beers from the Keswick Brewing Company and Yates in the Dog & Gun pub in Keswick. This is a great pub with loads of local real ales on tap. It was a bit disappointing to learn that the kitchen had closed, just after 8pm! Chef fancied a night on the town perhaps? Regardless this is a great pub for beers and chatting with walkers, as well as being fully kitted out for guests with their four legged friends, dog friendly is the word.

Some other great Summery ales I tried recently were some more local beers brewed by the Richmond Brewing Company here at the Station in Richmond.

I love the design of their bottles, the use of local places and history in the naming of the beers and of course most of all the great taste. Summer was made for Ales like these.

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