Saturday, 15 January 2011

Roseberry at Dawn

As someone who enjoys a lie-in, it wasn't an easy decision to get up before 6 am on a weekend. But that's what i decided to do in order to head over to Roseberry Topping with my mate Stu to check it out with the sun coming up. Unfortunately we got there too soon - we beat the sun! It was too windy on the top so we headed back down sharpish to have a lower level walk, very nice. I was hoping to try out some settings on my camera, and I wasn't too pleased with the darker shots. They all came out very grainy and remined me of pictures off an old mobile phone. But other pictures came out nicely so I have added a couple for you to enjoy.

looking back towards Middlesbrough halfway up Roseberry Topping

And looking up to our goal for the morning

looking eastwards towards the Saltburn and the Tees estuary

and over to the hills of the North York Moors

Stu relaxing in his new summerhouse

a look over towards Captain Cook Monument

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